M-Disc™ Technology

How Does It Work? For Those With Inquiring Minds, Let’s Get Technical.

The M-DISC™ is composed of chemically stable and heat-resistant materials that are not used in any other DVD or optical disc. Data is engraved into the M-DISC™ by physically altering the recording layer and creating permanent pits or voids in the disc, preserving your files forever.


Because of its permanent makeup, M-DISC™ is not affected by temperature, humidity, or sunlight. On the contrary, DVDs and optical drives use organic dyes that begin to fade and decay the moment you record your information, resulting in corrupt and unreadable data over time.


The New Standard in Digital Storage

The M-DISC™ provides the storage space of a DVD, the attributes of a +R disc and the permanence that only M-DISC™ can offer. On average, a 4.7 GB M-DISC™ can store up to 8,000 photos, 240 minutes of video footage, or over 100,000 documents. The M-DISC™ is engravable with M-DISC™ Ready Drives and readable with current DVD drives.