About Us

Behind The M-DISC™: The Millenniata Story.

Millenniata, Inc. is a permanent archival technology company based in Utah. The company’s patented Write Once, Read Forever™ technology is the world’s first stable digital archival solution that is presently composed of the M-DISC™ and M-DISC READY™ Drive. The M-DISC™ is the first backward-compatible non-dye based DVD optical technology constructed of inorganic materials that are known to last centuries. The M-DISC READY™ Drive is a high-quality optical drive that is specifically designed to laser-etch digital information onto the M-DISC™. This combination allows information to be written once and read over time and offers the best archival data storage solution in the industry.

Milleniata’s flagship products have been the recipients of several honors, including:

  • Utah Best of State award in the category of Science & Tech
  • First Place at the 7th Annual Utah Innovation Awards in the category Computer Hardware/Electrical Devices
  • Most Innovative Product of 2009 at the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF)
  • Storage Vision’s #1 Visionary Product Consumer Storage Device of 2012