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About Millenniata

A simple idea coupled with some careful engineering was the start of what has become the best way to archive data, period.  DVD or Blu-ray, the M-Disc is permanent storage.

Millenniata, Inc. is a global data storage company. We are the creator of the M-DISC™ DVD, which is the world’s first archival disc to last up to 1,000 years. The M-DISC engraves data into a patented rock-like layer that is resistant to extreme conditions of light, temperature and humidity – outlasting all other archival optical discs on the market. Our company is the leader in optical archival technology and sets the industry standard for disc longevity. Millenniata is passionate about introducing new technologies that allow for the preservation of memories for a millennia.

The M-Disc just got better!.  Introducing the M-Disc 25GB Blu-ray, shipping in the final weeks of March, 2014.  Designed with the same longevity characteristics, you can now archive your data with a much lower cost per gigabyte.


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