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Everything you've got in Dropbox, or upload to Dropbox, will be archived on discs that last a lifetime. Photos, videos, documents... whatever you upload.  We'll then send your archive right to your door. It's easy, inexpensive and automatic. You'll have the peace of mind that your data is permanently archived.

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The first month, you'll get an MDISC(s) filled up with all the photos and videos stored on Google Photos. Each month thereafter, we'll send an MDISC(s) containing every new photo and video. We also include some previously archived photos and videos, put into their own folder, just in case.

Your Google Photos

Permanent MDISC Archive Mailed to You


It feels good to know our family memories are secure

Jason Blake
South Jordan, UT

Your data is engraved in stone — literally.

MDISC's core is a stone-like, carbon compound that lasts for 1,000 years.

While MDISCs may look like the DVDs and Blu-ray discs you're used to on the outside, inside they contain new technology unlike any other disc in history.


Who trusts MDISC?

In order to last a lifetime, digital files need to be migrated to new media every few years...

...or engraved on an MDISC once.

Archive Now - 1st Month Free

“What about the Cloud?”

According to Kroll Ontrack survey of companies that use the cloud, 53% experienced 5 instances of data loss over the past year. 12% reported more than that.

Cloud systems are great for sharing and accessing files from anywhere, but they make a poor archive.
Cloud services make a temporary copy of your data only. They acknowledge this in their terms and conditions:

“Apple does not guarantee that content you store...will not be subject to damage, corruption, or loss.”

- Apple iCloud

- Amazon Cloud

“We may change, suspend or discontinue any time without notice.”

Benefits of Our Service 

MDISCs work in any standard optical disc drive. 

The process is automatic. Never lose a photo or video.

Peace of mind knowing you have possession of  your memories.

Archive Now - 1st Month Free

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Why Discs?

Discs have been around for over 30 years for one simple reason — they work.
Over long periods of time, the right kind of discs can keep data safe better than any other technology, including hard drives, magnetic tape, and solid state drives.

But an MDISC is a cut above the rest. They're designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

Archive Now - 1st Month Free

“As photographers, we can't say enough about the security and stability of MDISCs.”

Nicole Van Valkenburg
Woodland Hills, UT

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$8/mo after 1st Month

$8/mo after 1st Month

$8/mo after 1st Month

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How It Works

Automatically archive your digital memories past, present and future, in 3 easy steps:

The first month, you'll get discs filled with every photo and video stored on Google Photos. 
Each month after that, we'll send a new disc containing any new or updated photos and videos from the previous month, plus extra copies of some older photos just in case.


Login to your Google Photos


Set up your MDISC account.


Receive your first monthly
archive absolutely free.

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$8/mo after 1st Month

Every photo and video in your Google Photos gets automatically archived to MDISCs

Finally a real, and permanent, solution to archiving important documents and pictures. I sleep better now.

~ Joe F. 5-Star Amazon Review

Pretty cool to think that my photos will be saved for hundreds of years after I die.

~ Alex H. 5-Star Amazon Review

Google Photos Uploader

If you use any Google products, like Gmail, you already have a Google Photos account.


To see if you have photos ready to archive, start your free trial.  Our Smart Archive TechnologyTM will automatially archive photos and videos as you upload them.

The 3-2-1 Rule

total copies of all important files.

types of media to store your files.

copy stored at a different location.




You'll have copies on MDISCs, on Google Photos, and on your computer.

You'll be using archival quality discs and the cloud.

A copy will be at home and another on Google Photos.

Make Your Memories LastTM


Turn your digital memories into permanent archives that truly last.

Beyond Simple

Photo Archives created automatically.

Make your memories, we'll archive them.

Low Price

You're taking photos and video every month, and for only $8 we'll preserve them all.

When using MDISCs along with Google Photos, you can follow the 3-2-1 rule.

Worry-free Photo Archive

Make Your Memories LastTM